What makes Gamematics different than any other gaming website out there?

We provide news and reviews on games you love.  Most importantly, we bring you the story of the game!  Have you ever decided not to purchase a game because the franchise was too far along and you assumed you wouldn’t be able to “catch up”?  Well worry no more.  We created Gamematics to give gamers a place to watch game movies – hence the name!  As we build up our library of game movies, you will be able to quickly watch prequels to the games you wanna play or simply experience the old favorites without having to play through them all by yourself.

Essentially what we have done is cut out the non-sense and take you through the flow of the story as it unfolds in the game.  We provide gameplay that is relevant to the story and all the cinematics within the game, leaving you with only the stuff that you care about!

Currently we are using YouTube as our media delivery method.  We produce all of our gamematics in stunning HD quality (1080p).  Due to some limitations with YouTube, some of the productions that exceed a specific time limit are only being provided in SD.  We are working through multiple solutions to this, but for now those titles will remain in the current state.

If you appreciate what we are doing and enjoy the productions, please show your support – follow/like us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  We immediately update our followers as soon as the productions are complete!

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