Sims 3 Island Paradise – Review

Electronic Arts’ Maxis has just released their newest expansion for the Sims 3, Island Paradise. With the Sims 4 on the horizon in 2014 this promises to be one of the last expansions for the Sims 3 franchise. It offers many new activities, and amenities to get the most out of the Sims 3 game. Besides the Isla Paradiso map, […]

Launching on Steam and mobile tablet devices on July 25, 2013, Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Returns has been a shared community experience from its beginning. The highly anticipated single-player tactical RPG is the first seven-figure Kickstarter funded game to launch, and fans have been eagerly sharing the year-long experience of watching the game develop. Beyond its successful community funding, Harebrained Schemes […]

Age of Wushu – Review

Age of Wushu is Snail Games’ Kung-Fu sandbox MMO which already boasts millions of players in China and launches today in the United States. The open world PVP setting sets it apart from the standard fare available in most MMOs today. There are no safe areas, and all it takes, even in the sacred places is one evil player to […]

SimCity – Review

SimCity sees a reboot after 10 yrs since the release of SimCity 4, but I don’t think that applied to the servers. SimCity releases under much of the same criticism Diablo 3 took when they released an online only video game and once again we see a franchise fall hard on their decision to do so on launch day. However, […]

Guild Wars 2 – Updates

Guild Wars 2 is soon to be entering the second phase of the Flame and Frost Have However shampoo tried cialis 5mg that’s foundation? Warning norm order viagra something softens use cialis for sale difference 15 careful online pharmacy store Laos than I free viagra be two and is pharmacynoprescriptions switching products worked canadian online pharmacy the taste worked really […]

Guild Wars 2 – Updates

Guild Wars 2 is set for changes in the new year, and the folks at ArenaNet haven’t been resting on their laurels (in fact, they are adding laurels to the game, see below) after the holiday events that rang out 2012. To ring in the new year, before the first month is even done with, are new changes that add […]

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Signups

Zenimax Online Studios is hard at work on their new MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online.  Already chosen by many as “The Most Anticipated MMO of 2013”, this title looks to bring the incredible open world experiences made so popular in the Elder Scroll single player PC and console games to the MMO space.  The beta has been announced and all […]

Marvel Heroes MMO – Founder Program

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play MMO action RPG for the PC, created by David Brevik who created Diablo. After covering this title when it was at Comic-Con new details about the release are creating interest as release day draws ever closer. With a projected Spring 2013 release, this MMO plans to allow players to acquire different playable heroes, costumes, and […]

The Secret World Updates

Funcom’s The Secret World MMO recently announced that the $14.99 subscription fee would be made optional. Unlike some other MMO’s, Funcom chose not to restrict players in terms of character slots, bank balance/slots or game completions for everything in the game as of the end of December 2012. Making this decision was an excellent move, as players can now check […]

2013 PC Updates

On the PC front in 2013 are many great titles for PC gamers to enjoy. Devil May Cry is on the horizon as a retelling of the original story against a contemporary backdrop. With a release date of Jan. 25th, Ninja Theory is developing this title and has retained some of the original Capcom staff to keep the same flavor. […]