After what seems like endless delays and countless years in development Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will finally see the light of day when it hits the streets on May 22nd.  As I’ve matured as  a gamer I’ve come to understand that for the most part if a game is being delayed then its most likely for a good reason.  Especially when its one that is near and dear to a lot of folks.  Ubisoft did this with the Splinter Cell franchise and even went as far as scrapping the game and rebuilding it from the ground up.  The result paid off as Ubi was able to deliver players a new approach to the franchise while still managing to keep its core foundation.  Some wise ass once said that lightening never strikes the same place twice but the recent Ghost Recon multi-player beta has me doubting whoever it was that said that.

Oh soooo prettyyyyy.

My initial thought after just a few matches was “This is not the Ghost Recon I know and love. It’s better”.  Ubi has managed to steal/borrow bits and pieces from the other top shooters on the market and combine them into one fun experience.  After even more time with the game I began to think that the delays were simply a way for Ubi to see what the other games offered and borrow from it.  But at the same time they managed to keep some of Ghost Recon’s basic fundamentals in place.  You still need to be smart in your game play and work as a cohesive unit as running and gunning will get you killed in a hurry and ultimately lead to a loss.  I could go on and on and spew a ton of info at you but I’m afraid that it would get lost amongst all these other words.  Sooooo……its time for a good old fashioned Pros and Cons list.


  • Gears of War style cover system.  It really is a carbon copy but with one small twist.  While in cover you can set a personal way point and then by holding down the “A” button(played on an Xbox) your player will run to that location.  Don’t worry, you can break away from it at any time.  This is great when covering medium distances.
  • Battlefield 3 spawn system.  Yup.  Just like in BF3 you can chose to spawn on your squad mates or back at your base.  More games need to hop on this bandwagon.
  • Call of Duty loadout and XP type of reward system.  This is pretty self explanatory.
  • The Gunsmith.  I’m not going to spend to much time on this as I really could write a separate piece on this feature alone.  In short it’s the ability to fully customize your gun from everything to the trigger, sights, stock, barrel, gas system ect ect ect.   The best part is that you can try what it is you want on the firing range before you decide to spend your hard earned XP on something.
  • Future Weapons Tech.  Sensor grenades that give away enemy locations, optic cammo that help you blend into your surroundings, stun guns, and EMP grenades. Some of it may sound like a game changer but Ubi has done a really good job of balancing each item.
  • Host Migration. YUSSSSSSSSS. Now if the host drops out the whole room won’t be shut down.

Welcome to the Gunsmith.


  • The Stealth Kill/Mele system seems out of place and I fear that some matches will be nothing more then people running around doing this to one another.
  • The game scoring needs some tweaking.  As it is now you and you team need to complete a series of objectives.  Doing so will score you 100 pts. for each objective you successfully complete.  The objectives often require you to hold a certain area for a period of time.  Well its not uncommon to hold it for 75% of the time just to have the other team wipe you out and complete their goal as the clock reaches zero and they get ALL of the points.  It sounds small and petty but the team that held it for 75% of the time and kicked ass 75% of the time should get something out of it.
  • Connectivity.  Its a tad bit shaky as of now and is common to find yourself dropping from a game or losing connection to the Ubi server.  Granted its the beta but this is something that needs to be addressed before the retail version launches.
  • Kill Cams are a bit wonky as well.  Sometimes the player that shot you will be represented by a floating gun or a floating uniform with nobody in it.

So far things are looking bright for this future soldier.  With just about a month left before the game launches Ubisoft has me wanting more. Objective Complete.


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