Guild Wars 2 December Events

Happy Holidays to everyone! ArenaNet has a full schedule of holiday events for Guild Wars 2 players.

Entitled Wintersday, the city of Lion’s Arch will have as the guest of honor the asuran toymaker Tixx. Travelling in his massive toy workshop airship Tixx plans to stop in each of the cities on his way to Lion’s Arch.  In addition to new holiday-themed items in the Black Lion trading post, ranging from holiday weapon skins, to festive town clothes and chests, Tixx will arrive with new events and puzzles for players to enjoy.

It is a multi-week festival, so even those players bogged down with other holiday activities might be able to find a time from December 14th to January 3rd to log in and enjoy the festivities.

At the mystic forge in Lion’s Arch players will be able to participate in three new Wintersday activities. The djinn trapped within the mystic forge will transform it into a snow globe that players can enter to participate in the new activities.

By visiting the festive youth near the forge, players can try Winter Wonderland, a new jumping puzzle that will test their balance and luck.  Players can also go to the Festive Lionguard near here to try out the new PVP snowball fight, Snowball Mayhem.

Lastly, a trip to the Bell Maestro will let online casino players engage in a new musical activity at the newly forged snow globe called Bell Choir.

As Tixx travels around Tyria spreading holiday cheer, participants will be able to enter his airship toyshop and engage in a new instanced map for 5 players.

Each local event starts at 7:00pm CET, and Tixx will spend one day in each city before finally arriving in Lion’s Arch on December 20th. This is where he will spend the rest of the holiday, and those who visit him will receive a special holiday gift. If you happen to miss any of the prior events never fear, you will be able to join in them here or start enjoying a new event called the Toypocalypse.

This new event in Tixx’s workshop has players trying to stop waves of toys that have gone haywire. Players will need to defend the gift-giving dolyaks and the toy-making machine during these challenging and fun events.

A full list of events and daily stops can be found here

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