Guild Wars 2 – Final Beta Weekend Additions

In the final beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 July 20th-22nd, testers will have plenty of new content to check out. In addition to the two new races asura and sylvari, new maps, minigame, vistas, a new objective in world vs world, and the gemstore will be included.

Brisban Wildlands, a level 17-20th level map of a remote jungle adjacent to the lands of asura, humans and sylvari will be a part of this weekend for PVE play. PVPers will be able to test out a new PVP map called Legacy of the Foefire, which as usual will have 3 capture points, but also will have NPC guards and team “guild lords”, powerful monsters worth a lot of points to those lucky and skillful enough to bring them down.

In prior betas, testers have been foaming at the mouth (pun intended), to try a minigame called Keg Brawl. This weekend will be weekend testers’ first look at the norn’s (a large wintry race most akin to vikings/barbarians) minigame which can be tested in the nw corner of Hoelbrak, the norn capital city. Just talk to the Brewer NPC in the northwest corner of the map. Team-based gameplay for this minigame will take place on an icy lake and both teams will try and score points by getting a full ale keg across to the lake to their ale collector. It’s a no-holds barred pummeling of the team in possession of the full ale keg.

There’s even something for the explorers/scouts amongst us, as vistas will be in this weekend!
There will be visual cues places across the map and players seeking completion of exploring each map will want to view the vistas as well to complete the achievement. Here is a look at the Hoelbrak vista:

[youtube Mrjopdu_H4U nolink]

For World vs. World, (GW2’s combat on a larger scale) which provide bonuses to the victors’ worlds, a new objective called sentries, (solitary NPC guards) will be placed on capture points adding a new facet to the battleground.

Arenanet has also announced that before and immediately following this final beta weekend event all existing beta information will be deleted. However, contacts that players have added in beta will remain for headstart and launch which makes it easier for gamers to find friends they connected with in beta.

The gemstore will be opened up this weekend, and players will be able to use their Paypal account or their credit card to buy gems for the weekend, and even though the servers will be wiped before launch, Arenanet plans to keep a record of gem purchases and they will be placed on your account for the Aug 28th launch.

Those not able to be in the final weekend can join the Arenanet Devs on Twitch TV for a livestream of GW2 gameplay. This will feature commentary and even a chat channel where they can answer your questions. This looks to be the biggest and the best beta weekend so far for GW2, so get ready for Friday, and make sure to patch up frequently to avoid long patching times over the weekend.

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