Guild Wars 2 Issues Acknowledged

In a post today ArenaNet founder Mike O’Brien advised regarding current issues with Guild Wars 2 account security, the trading post, in-game mail and parties/guilds. Many of these are issues common to most new MMO’s but I

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definitely want our readers to know what is being done to address them. GW2 has sold over one million copies since launch

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and these problems always spring up in hugely popular games on such a huge variety of hardware.

Account Security is always an issue with MMO’s and GW2 is no different. GW2 is planning a new e-mail verification feature which should be online soon (Thursday August 30th is the target date), so users can choose to block people trying to log in from a different IP address. GW2 has seen an increase in attempted hacks, and have temporarily disabled the “reset password” feature. They advise using a unique password that you don’t use for any other internet portal.

Parties and Guilds social activities have periodically been failing, much of this due to overflow issues. This is an ongoing issue but it is being addressed with each new update. Please remember if you and your friends are having trouble grouping up, you can always try right clicking their portrait and selecting “Join”. Although this might not always work, when it does it can be a nice time saver.

The trading post has been offline for a while, and the GW2 team is doing random testing amongst the populace to resolve capacity issues so it can be brought back for everyone. In-game mail has been down for a while due to potential abuses and the team hopes to have it back by tonight’s update.

O’Brien also mentioned worlds filling up, mainly in Europe, and a desire to keep the worlds at maximum populations before adding new worlds. However, Germany and France will have new worlds added as theirs are full.

The GW2 forums are down for the time being while the team addresses the game issues with everyone they can. Once the initial game problems are addressed we can look forward to having the forums back.

People using bots have been reported as well. Bots do things like auto-kill and harvest with no player interaction required. Bots are a bannable offense, and ANet is working on banning those who are guilty, starting with 3 day suspensions.

The next update of the game server and back-end server software will take place tonight, Thursday August 30th-Friday August 31st at midnight Seattle time. The game may be unavailable for approximately 20-60 minutes during the update. Anet expects this update to have fixes for email authentication and in-game mail.

It’s great to see so many issues being addressed by an active development team. It’s obvious they have heard our concerns and worries and are working around the clock to get everything on track. The original post can be found here.

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