Guild Wars 2 last beta weekend July 20-22nd allows players to try asura and sylvari races!

In previous beta weekends, players have had the pleasure of trying out the human, norn, and charr races. Now, just in time for the last beta weekend before GW2’s August 28th PC launch, players will be able to check out the asura and sylvari races as well!

For asura players, this means beginning your tale in Metrica Province, a vivid, exotic jungle area full of high-tech laboratories, quirky golems, and competing krewes of mad scientists. Nearby, the massive monoliths of the asuran capital Rata Sum hum with technomagical power. These diminutive geniuses may seem cute at first glance, but never underestimate an asura…

Sylvari players begin their story in the Grove, a luminous living city nestled in the shade of the Pale Tree, the “mother” of every member of this young race of plant humanoids. The sylvari are an enigmatic race of chivalrous explorers who are driven by an insatiable curiosity and guided by a collective Dream.

In addition, PvP players will have a new Guild Conquest map to explore.

Rather than just 3 starting areas beta players will now have 5 starting areas to adventure through in what is promising to be a busy weekend for everyone who pre-ordered and can log into test. Expect heavy server load and lots of stress testing for the last preparation for this free to play MMO. Players do not get to keep their characters from beta to launch, so expect a full wipe. Be ready to test everything over the weekend so your launch day, or early access (for those who pre-order) goes smoothly!

From what Arenanet has shown us so far this looks to be an incredibly fun weekend with plenty of new content to check out!


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link (if needed) –

Asura race trailer:

[youtube UgQRL2Fb21k nolink]

Sylvari race trailer:

[youtube Vey2K1tLVYI nolink]

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