Guild Wars 2 – Status Update For Sept 8

The ArenaNet team is still releasing status updates for their MMO, Guild Wars 2 (GW2). The team has been keeping their player base informed as more and more players hit the servers.

In the most recent status update, the team reiterates their concern for users who have used the same password for other accounts and websites as hackers are systematically checking these with spyware. Using their new e-mail authentification technique the team is able to send their players emails asking if a certain IP address should be allowed or blocked from use. In this way, even if a hacker has account info, such as password, they can still be blocked from accessing a GW2 account.

Although security is a main priority right now, other issues have also been addressed with last night’s update. Parties should now be able to stay together as they travel into one of the game’s 8 dungeons. They also addressed issues with the storyline steps “A Light in the Darkness,” “Estate of Decay,” “Explosive Intellect,” “Rumors of Trouble,” “The Lost Chieftain’s Return,” and “Tribunes in Effigy.” They have also added an option to stop queueing for your home world, for players who want to remain on an overflow server indefinitely without being asked.
In progress today will be fixing PVP tournament rewards, and an update is scheduled for later tonight as well.
This update plans to allows users to report in-game e-mails, will reset monthly achievements for players who have been stuck at 100%, to help those whose achievements didn’t reset correctly on September 1. (Note that daily achievements reset each day at 00:00 GMT and monthly achievements reset on the first of each month at 00:00 GMT.)

This update should also include include fixes for various blocked events and skill challenges.
As with some prior updates while no server downtime is expected, if you plan on playing on the servers, there may be some connectivity issues while the update occurs at midnight Seattle (PST) time.

Ongoing status updates can be found on the GW2 wiki located here

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