Guild Wars 2 – Updates

Guild Wars 2 is set for changes in the new year, and the folks at ArenaNet haven’t been resting on their laurels (in fact, they are adding laurels to the game, see below) after the holiday events that rang out 2012. To ring in the new year, before the first month is even done with, are new changes that add a multistage narrative to the world of Tyria.

The first part of the narrative is called “Flame and Frost” and is the prologue for the narrative which will play out over several months:

“The sky falls and the ground shakes in the lands of the north. Charr and norn refugees crawl from the wreckage of their homes in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, struggling to find shelter in the south. The call goes out for volunteers to assist the victims in this time of need, when earth and sky seem to have become the enemy…”

The new changes are set to kick off on January 28th and will include new laurels for daily and monthly achievements. These laurels can be traded in for rewards like the new Ascended gear and Infusions (5 new Utility Infusions and 30 Ascended Amulets to choose from) which came in with the Fractals dungeons in 2012.

New achievements, including some on a daily basis and a new addition to the UI to make it easier to track progress will encourage explorers to go out and cover the vast expanse for their just rewards.  During the week of January 28th-February 4th on the Temple of the Silent Storms map the regular eight-team/three-round paid tournaments will be replaced by two-team/single-round paid tournaments. After the week is over, the Temple of the Silent Storm map will be added to the regular rotation of both free and paid tournaments.  Also on the way is guesting where you can play with friends on other worlds in the same region (North America, Europe) without changing your homeworld. Guesting is free, but going forward there will be a gem fee for transferring home worlds, so make sure you’re on the home world you want to permanently play on before 28 January!

New items and a redesigned favorite, the Box o’ Fun are upcoming in the gem store. New items include a baby Quaggan backpack and Riding Brooms.  The end of the first month in 2013 will also bring enhanced performance in WvW, tweaks to the dynamic level adjustment system, and UI improvements, which will be detailed in the release notes.  If you have been away for awhile enjoying the holiday festivities with your clan, now might be the time to come back and see what’s changed in the world of Tyria. These changes look to set the first part of 2013 off the right way!

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