Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Announced

This September Kalypso Media is releasing a stand-alone expansion to their tactical military RPG Jagged Alliance for PC. Just announced today, this expansion will feature new maps, and will bring new mercenaries to the player’s tactical toolbox.

Jagged Alliance 1

Spanning the last decade, this series lets players choose their own mercenaries and equip them out for missions as they see fit. This expansion promises to be no different, and it takes place in the fictional nation of Khanpaa, a snow-covered landscape ordinarily peaceful and tranquil. However, events have taken a turn for the worse and the peace-loving nation is currently being ruled by a band of mercenaries. With the UN and other countries not offering aid, the nation will need a separate force to engage and put down the cruel occupational forces.

Jagged Alliance 2

As a private mercenary group, the player offers to help the besieged nation, bringing in their own mix of combat veterans to right the wrongs and get the once peaceful nation back on its feet. The guns-for-hire team you select will not only be able to help, but also discover why this has happened and who it is behind the scenes that is profiting.
With a new enhanced “Plan N Go” system, players will have the luxury of planning out their moves beforehand, and then seeing their orders carried out in real time.

Jagged Alliance 3

Players will now have access to 10 new soldiers bringing the roster to more than 50 mercenaries, each one with their own unique blend of skills, personalities and weaknesses. 10 new maps providing over 15 hours of new gameplay in the frozen, mountainous terrain of the frigid nation, will provide plenty of opportunities for ambushes, new cover areas, and chokepoints.

Jagged Alliance 4

This expansion will offer its own standalone campaign and a broad array of missions to test players tactical skills utilizing new weapons and equipment against brand new enemies.

Kalypso Media has enhanced the graphics, and enemy AI, polished the interface and made numerous gameplay and performance upgrades to help make this a memorable experience from the outset. Humorous dialogue and and realistic combat will help Jagged Alliance veterans feel right at home, while new players can

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revel in this stand-alone offering even if they have never played the series before.

So get locked and loaded for a September release, Jagged Alliance: Crossfire is inbound!

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