Marvel Heroes MMO – Founder Program

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play MMO action RPG for the PC, created by David Brevik who created Diablo. After covering this title when it was at Comic-Con new details about the release are creating interest as release day draws ever closer.

With a projected Spring 2013 release, this MMO plans to allow players to acquire different playable heroes, costumes, and power-ups through looting items in-game. Players will start with their choice of five heroes initially to play, Daredevil, Storm, Thing, Scarlet Witch or Hawkeye.

Additionally, Gazillion Entertainment has now offered Founder’s packs in which players can purchase their choice of heroes and obtain other perks like early access to the game, experience and item find boosts, a new costume and for a limited time (through Jan. 23rd) double in-game currency allotments. With this currency, the player can purchase additional heroes, costumes, and boosts as they see fit when the game launches later this year.

The Founder packs are broken down as

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The Starter pack at $19.99 gets a player their choice of 1 hero out of 16 heroes (see below for choices), 2 costumes, $10 in-game currency (doubled to $20 until Jan. 23rd), Early Game Access:2 days before launch, 2 One-Hour XP Boosts, 2 One-Hour Item Find Boosts, and a forum title based on the character they select.

Hero options shown here:

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The Premium pack at $59.99 offers players their choice of 7 starting sets each with four heroes (except for the Deadpool pack which just includes him and a wealth of costume sets), 8 costumes (2 per hero), $30 in-game currency (doubled to $60 until jan. 23rd), Early Game Access: 4 days before launch, 6 One-Hour XP Boosts, 6 One-Hour Item Find Boosts, a forum title and avatar based on the group/hero pack selected

As shown here:

Finally, the Ultimate pack is also available for $199.99 which gives players ALL Heroes and Costumes Available at Launch, 3 Exclusive Costumes (Iron Man 3 movie armor, Wolverine Weapon X, and Hulk Maestro), 1 Exclusive Enhanced Costume (Spider-man Symbiote), $50 In-Game Currency (doubled to $100 until Jan. 23rd), Early Game Access: 7 days before launch, Permanent Account-Level 5% XP Boost, Permanent Account-Level 5% Item-Find Boost, Your choice of “True Believer” Forum Title and Avatar or ANY OTHER Founders Program Forum Title and Avatar, and a listing in the credits for the game.

Details here:

So head on over to the game website if any of these deals appeal to you, oh true believer. Now is the time to get prepared for launch day when this eagerly anticipated game hits the internet. With only until Jan. 23rd to take advantage of the double currency offers listed above, there is no better time than now to start getting your costumed heroes ready for action!

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