October Happenings In PC Gaming

As the holiday season approaches many games are on the horizon hoping to windup as a holiday package for some lucky gamer. Several titles that are forthcoming are new to the market, and others that are already released are offering DLC to add to their depth.

Mechwarrior Online by Piranha Games is slated for a Q4 2012 release, and although there is no official release date, there is an open beta starting

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on October 16th. The open beta will allow testers to provide the development team with valuable data they can use to improve the game before release. Mechwarrior Online is the latest in the Mechwarrior series allowing players to use massive, armored robots they pilot to wreak havoc and destruction on opposing players. Developed using Crytek’s CryEngine 3, MechWarrior Online brings the franchise’s fabled gameplay to life like never before, rendering mechs, destruction, and battlefields in unprecedented detail, drawing players into the action; making them feel as if they truly are sat in a giant bipedal mech equipped with highly destructive, futuristic weapons. The game will be free to play on purchase with options like the Founder’s program for players to support the development team through payment if they wish.

With the recent success of Borderlands 2 the team over at Gearbox has been hard at work on additional DLC for their title. On October 16th, gamers can expect the latest DLC to be available. Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty will be available for $10 and is the first of four campaign add-ons that will be released for Borderlands 2. Players can alternately purchase a Season Pass for $29.99, which will offer access to all four add-ons as they’re released. The content for the DLC will include a vast desert, enemy sand worms, a bandit town, and a new type of currency called Seraph Crystals.

Also coming to the DLC front will be new free content for Capcom’s recently released Resident Evil 6. In the near future this DLC will include the ability for solo/co-op players to jump into the game at any point in the storyline. As it is now, players would have to complete a prior story arc in the campaign to be able to play. This new DLC will also offer a new difficulty setting, titled “No Hope”, and as the name

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suggests Capcom’s Unity blog states it will be “super hard.”

With Halloween right around the corner MMO’s across the board are awakening the spirits to infest the autumn winds. In a patch today DC Universe Online has Game Update 19: The Witching Hour , bringing new Halloween events stirred up by Klarion the Witch Boy and changes to Research and Development. While those two items headline this update, players will also find an improved tutorial, changes to weapon trees, a new Mail UI and several bug fixes.

Arenanet has been working to enhance the PVP in their new game Guild Wars 2, offering free and paid automated PVP tournaments with prizes and details in their news here.

ArenaNet has also been working on a mobile two layer authentication system to further bolster security for Guild Wars 2 players. The system will include a free app and is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. This system is currently in beta, and those who would like to help out in shaping its future can get setup by following the directions in Security Coordinator Mike Lewis’s post over at the Guild Wars 2 forums

For Halloween, Guild Wars 2 is having a Halloween Diorama contest. A diorama is a miniature three-dimensional model that depicts a scene through the use of miniature figures, props, and scenery. In the diorama ArenaNet is asking contestants to combine Guild Wars 2 and Halloween. Some of the nifty prizes for the best entries include Guild Wars 2 peripherals, NVIDIA graphics cards, and a signed Making of Guild Wars 2 book among others. So far, ArenaNet has been tight-lipped about what in-game Halloween surprises players can hope to find, but players will find out very soon.

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