Now in it’s 20th year the FIFA franchise is back and brings us what is one of the deepest sports video games I’ve ever seen.  At this point in sports video games I just can’t expect to much to change in terms of how a game plays.  After all these are video games based on real life sports that contain a set of rules that by and large don’t change or haven’t changed.  FIFA 13 plays a lot like FIFA 12 but that is not a bad thing at all.  The controls are great, the animations are great, the atmosphere in the stadiums is top notch, and the announcing is pitch perfect.  All in all the game handles as good as it ever has and to me that is a good if not a great thing.  Don’t try and fix something that isn’t broken.

FIFA 13 Review 1

What really sets FIFA 13 apart from the previous titles is the insane amount of depth added to the stuff that doesn’t take place on the pitch.  FIFA 13 has raised the bar in terms of what to expect from a sports franchise and IMO only the NBA2K series comes close with it’s historical rosters.  Soccer truly is the worlds game as you can see it being played just about anywhere in the world at any given time.  FIFA 13 backs this up in a big way by giving us 31 of the worlds best leagues.  Think about that for a second. 31 leagues.  On top of that there are 46 international teams you can use as well.  Odds are if you want to represent your country in a virtual “friendly” then you will be able to do so.

FIFA 13 Review 2

The career mode has seen a small tweak as well with players now being able to manage an international team as well as a club.  You also have new options in transfers include counter-offers and offering a player as well as money.  You can also compete in the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, and the UEFA European Football Championship tournaments. Also making a return is the Ultimate Team mode.  In Ultimate Team you can build your own fantasy team.  To do so you can earn player cards or buy packs of player cards to build you team.  You can trade cards with others online or even bid for them in an auction house.  Once you have your team assembled you can manage your squad via the in game menu of from the comfort of your computer.  You can use your Ultimate Team in online play against another person’s Ultimate Team.  I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!!!  Every sports game from here on out NEEDS to have something like this.

FIFA Review 3

Not only is FIFA 13 the ultimate virtual Soccer experience but it may be THE ultimate virtual sports experience.  Other sports franchises need to take note and feel free to steal ideas from FIFA 13.  Bravo FIFA 13, bravo.  A job well done.

Game Details:

Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA
Reviewed Platform: Xbox 360
Singleplayer 8
Multiplayer 9
Replayability 9
Graphics 8
Audio 9
Overall 9