Since The Secret World launched almost a month ago, the servers have been packed with gamers trying out the horror-based MMO’s content, ranging from investigation to sabotage missions right through to PVP.

Next weekend the game will open the servers to everyone, and also includes bonuses to those already playing. From Friday, August 3rd at 4pm GMT until Monday, August 6th at 7am GMT, existing players can invite their friends to try out the game!

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A week-long celebration will include the 1st monthly content update on July 31st, giveaways like fireworks for your characters, and quest -driven rewards including t-shirts for your in-game avatars, and even bonus points for things in the Funcom store. It looks like a lot of fun, so make sure any of your friends who have been wanting to try this game for free, know about this celebration!

More details and download, effective July 27th, available here:

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