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Launching on Steam and mobile tablet devices on July 25, 2013, Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Returns has been a shared community experience from its beginning. The highly anticipated single-player tactical RPG is the first seven-figure Kickstarter funded game to launch, and fans have been eagerly sharing the year-long experience of watching the game develop.

Beyond its successful community funding, Harebrained Schemes is encouraging its community to share by releasing the game’s game editor, a robust set of tools for anyone to use to create their own stories in Shadowrun’s rich and vibrant shared universe. While other games offer editing tools, Harebrained Schemes is going one step further by releasing the entire Shadowrun Returns campaign in the editor format.

“The idea of releasing all of the editor files for the Shadowrun Returns campaign was based on my experience working with Trent Reznor on the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for his album Year Zero. Trent empowered his fans to re-mix his music anyway they wished by releasing the GarageBand tracks with the album. With Shadowrun Returns we are doing the same thing, players can start from what we have created and build on it, revise it, or use it as a starting point for completely new stories. I believe we are the first to release an editable version of an entire campaign, and we are excited to see where the players take this universe,” said Jordan Weisman, founder of Harebrained Schemes and originator of Shadowrun.

Shadowrun Returns is a single player, turn-based tactical RPG (for Windows, Mac, and Apple & Android tablets) featuring a unique hand-painted art style that takes place in a cyberpunk future where magic has returned, awakening creatures of myth. Kickstarter backers have had early access to Shadowrun Returns’ game editor tools and have already started creating game content that has surprised and delighted even the game’s developers. Some of the earliest content made with the game editor can be seen here:

A reverse of our Alpha Gameplay Video by McDougle

[youtube 57L4bEOYgvE nolink]


Hostage Situation Tutorial by Shadowrun Rebuilt

[youtube xCDqoXkcGGI nolink]

A thread about The Lost Lamb Mission by Dislexicoder click here

[youtube bBpDvwf0mP4 nolink]

Some images of cool maps for Deliver Me From Evil Module Conversion by Johnny_Memphis

As many fans know, Shadowrun is a “shared universe” based on the 1980’s venerable tabletop RPG that is still thriving today, and is about to launch a Fifth Edition from Catalyst Game Labs. The Shadowrun universe has endured and evolved for 24 years with hundreds of designers, authors, artists, engineers, and gamers contributing to its rich, layered setting. Shadowrun Return and its players will extend this universe even further.

To learn more about Shadowrun Returns, go to Harebrained Schemes web site. Pre-orders for Shadowrun Returns are being taken now on Steam.

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