SWTOR Goes Free To Play This Fall

Bioware has just announced that their Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic will adapt a free to play model this fall. Players who do not pay the subscription fee will have access to the story content for all eight classes up to level 50.

A new currency called Cartel Coins will be available as well as the standard subscription rate of $14.99 a month, and these will give players access to the extra content.

Extra content will include content updates, new features, extra bank slots and unlimited access to warzones. Free players will be locked out of

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warzones after a set number of tries per week. New content (focusing on group content) is planned for every six week period with the first of these updates in August. Bioware plans to offer the first content update with a temporary reduction of the game price to $14.99 which includes the game and one free month.

Players can use their cartel coins (some of which will be awarded for subscribing up to the date the MMO goes free to play) to gain access to all the extra content, as well as bank slots, inventory slots, character slots, etc. but nothing that will give players a competitive edge over each other in such modes as PVP combat.

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