Terraria – Review

Terraria is the next popular PC indy title to find its way to consoles. It is considered to be an action-adventure/RPG game. The game takes place in a 2D world which is considered by some to be very similar to Minecraft. Personally I think it is much different than Minecraft, it may have a bunch of similarities and I am sure both games inspire each other creatively, but Terraria is truely geared towards much more combat.

Terraria is loaded with tons of different enemy types which is great because it keeps the game fresh, giving you the sense

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of “I gotta keep digging” to get to that next level to see what new monsters you can uncover. At night, different creatures may spawn, such as Zombies and Demon Eyes, who will constantly attack your character until daylight. As the sun comes up, monsters will immediately run away, even if they have already initiated an attack on the character. Daytime still sees creatures keeping the player on their toes but are limited to slimes. Although, different biomes contain some really powerful creatures including hornets and giant worms. The cool thing about enemies is that the further out the player explores, the enemies get progressively harder. This gives you almost that “zones” sense that you see in alot of RPGs, without the loading screens of course. Overall the game has 37 common mobs, 32 hardmode mobs, 5 rare mobs, 3 events, 5 bosses and 3 hardmode bosses.

At the root of the game, mining resources is essential. The game uses 3 main tools (pickaxe, hammer and an axe). Just like minecraft there are many different levels of each tool, each having different durability levels. The lowest level is copper and the highest level is molten, in between you can find iron, silver, gold and nightmare. As the character forges better tools, not only does efficiency increase, but your ability to get better items and materials opens up.

Crafting is similar to what you use in the Minecraft Xbox edition. They have done a really good job to simplify navigating around the inventory screen using the controller. It is simple to use and doesn’t feel cumbersome at all.

Character customization is pretty cool, you don’t download a skin or pay for it on the marketplace, your unique look is available as soon as you start up the game. You are given the ability to customize the sex of the character and change the look and color of clothing, eyes, hair, and skin.

The game has 3 difficulty levels Softcore, Mediumcore, and Hardcore. The only differentiation of the three is the death penalties. In Softcore, characters drop half their coins, in Mediumcore, characters drop all their items including coins and ammo. In Hardcore, characters die permanently, you will respawn as a ghost and all items held at time of death will drop on the ground. Once disconnecting from the current session the character will be deleted.

Overall the game is what you make of it. There is no specific path you need to take and definitely no proper way to play it. What you put in you will be rewarded with more things to do. You keep striving to use new items and to make even more amazing things. This game definitely gives you the “just one more minute” feel. The more you play the more you keep unlocking the secrets of the game, and that is why this 8-bit side scroller may seem very simple at it’s core, but when you jump in you realize how massive the game keeps getting with every block you move.

Rating Breakdown:

Singleplayer: [xrr rating=9/10]
Multiplayer: [xrr rating=8.5/10]
Replayability: [xrr rating=9/10]
Graphics: [xrr rating=5/10]
Sound Effects: [xrr rating=6/10]






Game Details:

Developer: Re-Logic
Publisher: 505 Games
Reviewed Platform: Xbox 360

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